Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Chordana Play connects to selected models of Casio keyboards and teaches you to play in a fun, visual way. Follow the music score or piano roll notation at your own pace, with the app guiding you through each step.  Slow the tempo down, transpose to a key that is easier to play or practise challenging parts of your chosen piece with the AB repeat function. .

Music score and piano roll notation makes it fun and easy to learn.

Play the 50 songs included or let Chordana Play generate a music score from MIDI files and detect chords, too, making it easy to learn two-handed piano pieces.

Practise anytime and anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.

Or, use an audio cable to connect a compatible Casio keyboard to your smartphone or tablet, and practise using light-up keys and step-up lessons.




With Dance Music Mode, their dreams of being a superstar DJ are one step closer, with no limits.

For the first time, keyboard players can create amazing dance tracks and remix them on the spot simply by pressing different key combinations. There are 50 modern dance music styles to choose from, including House, Hip-Hop and EDM.