'Jack Terroni is HELPING TO BRIDGE the new musical landscape for the next generation. his unique 'Arnos groove' sound AND #casiopro vision ARE BRINGING THROUGH SOME OF NEXT YEAR'S ONES TO WATCH...' - Kwame Kwaten (Record Producer, D'influence & Ultimate Seminar founder) 

Jack Terroni is a Songwriter/Producer and Vocalist and Casio Music UK's visionary behind the #casiopro movement, proudly conceiving a youth culture lifestyle arm to Casio Music UK - an industry first among digital piano manufacturers. 

#CASIOPRO was born out of Jack's genuine desire to see the sensibilities of today's most innovative street soul music, play a wider role in the mainstream. His ability to write in a diverse range of musical styles led him to record in a range of trans-European studios from an early age, learning his craft under accomplished Record Producer and Band Leader Nic Rowley (Dire Straits, The Supremes) in Denmark, Norway and the UK, developing his own unique 'Arnos Groove' sound in the process.

Jack is a talented multi-instrumentalist  with an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of a vast array of genres owing to the rich and eclectic sounds of his childhood, ranging from his Funk Soul and Dub Reggae collection, through to his artist parents' Rock ’n Roll infused tastes, to the Classical influence of his celebrated late Uncle, concert pianist Raphael Terroni (Labels: Naxos, BMS).

Jack has been fortunate to assimilate this array of musical inspiration and translate it into a vibe resonating with groove, style and panache, culminating in the release of two singles in August 2017 'Fight for Real Music' and 'Honest Lover feat. Louisa' - from his upcoming debut 'Arnos Groove LP' across Apple Music and Spotify.

Jack's music is enriched with the sonic values and insights of yesteryear combined with the futuristic soul timbres of tomorrow. Go dig!