The CASIO WK-7600 76 note workstation offers powerful and extensive features at a price that is unheard of in the portable keyboard market. With 820 tones, 260 preset rhythms, a 17 track sequencer, 32 channel mixer and audio recording capabilities, the WK7600 is an extremely versatile instrument for any musical project. Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, the WK-7600 will allow you to create, edit and play your compositions at home, in the studio or on the stage.



Record and playback digital audio stored on SD memory card. You can also record the microphone and instrument inputs, making the CTK-7200 an ideal tool for the recording musician. 

The 9 sliders function as a traditional tonewheel organ, complete with percussion and rotary speaker DSP effects. They can also be used to control the volume, pan or effects levels on any of the 32 mixer tracks. 




  • 76 Touch-Sensitive Keys
  • 820 Built-In Sounds, 250 Rhythms and 100 DSP Effects
  • Record & Save Your Performances to SD Card as MIDI or Digital Audio. 
  • AC or Battery Powered.