a modern masterpiece, IN SATIN WHITE.

With a rich, resonant piano tone and a precise touch, the AP-460 will satisfy the most demanding player. An improved speaker system, modelled string resonance and an acoustic lid define this instrument as the ideal upgrade. Plus, features such as the Hall Simulator and USB Audio will take your playing to new heights. 




Using real acoustic measurements, the Hall Simulator recreates the ambience and character of four internationally famous concert halls. Experience the thrill of listening to your performance in any of these unique and memorable acoustics as you play. 

A.I.R Sound Source

CASIO's advanced AiR sound source gives incredible clarity and detail to every tone. The new sound processor ensures that every key press creates and authentic tone colour and volume, meaning that your performances will always be expressive and natural. The AP-460 also adds String Resonance, for a richer and warmer sound.


Weighted Scaled Hammer Action and Tri-Sensor Keys

The CASIO Celviano® range uses a Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard with new simulated Ebony and Ivory textured keys for an incredibly realistic feel. Each key press is processed by three sensors that capture the dynamics of your performance with speed and accuracy to emulate the response of acoustic piano hammers.




  • Suitable for the Ambitious Beginner.

  • An authentic piano sound with string resonance.

  • USB Audio record and playback (WAV).

  • Springless key mechanism for authentic action.

  • Features Ebony and ivory textured keys for a realistic touch.

  • Hall Simulator function recreates concert hall reverberation.

  • Compatible with AC Adaptor AD-E24250LW (Included).



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