The Stylish And Smart Series - Episode 1

Written by Demi Leigh, creator of Lost In The Sound UK

The music industry is an inspiring place to look for individuals that are both Stylish & Smart. For me, those qualities lie in the artists that have done well to capture their own unique individuality and went on to forge their own path from it. Immediately coming to mind was the talents that embraced their own essence perfectly and by doing so, blessed us with their pure originality in its best musical form—untouchable classics such as Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Tupac and David Bowie are a perfect example of this. Musicians who knew exactly who they were as creators and by doing things their way, resulted in their work remaining loved and adored by generations all across the world. It was their undeniable passion and complete dedication to keeping a firm hold of their authenticity and vision, that not only had an impact on the quality of their work, but the appeal that surrounded them and furthermore granted their ultimate success. It’s why they, among others, have gone on to inspire the future of music in such an incredible way. All while firmly reminding us, that our individuality should always be embraced.

Many of today’s musicians share in these values. 

Being stylish is more than just the way you look, it’s how you carry yourself. The way you move and adapt with the times, while managing to keep a hold of your authenticity through every step. It’s finding who you are as an artist by following your heart and doing what feels right to you. Smart is sticking to that and staying true to yourself no matter what. It’s knowing what you as an individual can bring to the table and letting your differences inspire and carry you forward.

Below is my pick of a particularly stylish and smart bunch of artists that I am loving right now. Each making music a more special place to lose ourselves in, as they carry on blazing their own trail into 2019 and beyond.


Easy life

Easy life


This five-piece, Leicester-raised band, have been making their mark in the music industry since their brilliant debut single ‘Pockets’ dropped back in 2017. Gripping us with their fresh, creative and totally chilled tones, the guys have been surfing on their own wave ever since. As their storytelling tunes echo the influences of different genres,

merging the likes of jazz, R&B, indie, pop and hip-hop into their distinctive sound and infusing the overall creation in their own Easy Life essence—the boys certainly are a stylish bunch of creators. Joining forces as a group brought a whole host of strengths to their mix, allowing the collective to become a multi-talented force of musical good stuff. Led by frontman Murray, who forms the band alongside bassist, saxophonist and singer Sam, drummer Cass, guitarist Louis and Jordan on the keys and backing vocals; their combined creativity and talent have allowed the group to craft up a superb collection of tunes already and it’s only the beginning for them. Press play on their latest Spaceships mixtape below:



A force to be reckoned with, the super talented Bedford-born musician, Tom Grennan, stands in a total league of his own. His incredible vocals have a unique power behind them that will blow you away from the very first note he sings, especially when hearing him perform live. The music Tom

creates feels as though it beams directly from the very core of him. Charged full of his heart and soul, his songs tear through the distance and connect him instantly with his listeners, as his relatable lyrics passionately resonate with every play. He is an artist who appears to do things his way, owning his story and who he is, and projecting that in all its honesty through his art. Keeping his rawness and originality firmly intact, is a key element in Tom Grennan’s appeal as a creative. It’s also why he stands as one of the finest male solo artists in the UK right now. His debut album, Lighting Matches, released last year holds the proof of that in every track. Listen below:



Raleigh Ritchie, real name Jacob Anderson, has been a favourite of mine for a long time! He has a special way of wrapping his feelings and emotions up into the most brilliantly, creative little packages and then gifts them to the world in the form of songs. From the lyrics he delivers, to the production and visuals attached to his tracks, Raleigh is a creator who

perfectly sculpts his work into the first-class art that it is. The musicians debut album, You’re A Man Now, Boy—alongside each of his amazing EP’s—are a perfect example of his talents. He lowers his guard and bears all through his sound, which allows him to connect with his listeners in a very special and personal way. By embracing his individuality, Raleigh Ritchie stands apart from the crowd with ease. And with his music serving as a gateway into his one-of-a-kind world, Planet-Ritchie is a bloody good place to be! Find out for yourself below:



Hailing from Toronto, the incredible Jessie Reyez was an instant standout from the very first moment I heard her. Hitting the industry like a breath of fresh air, Jessie’s sound is hard to ignore. The raw talent she holds is captured in everything she produces and with her creative way of weaving through a

range of different moods, styles and lyrical topics in her material, the artist constantly keeps things fresh and exciting. From her captivating, love-infused breakout single ‘Figures’, to the hard-hitting ‘Gatekeeper’ and the attitude oozing Body Count’—everything Reyez crafts up is golden. She knows exactly who she is as an artist, which gives her a confidence that rolls boldly across each one of her tunes. The style and vision of Jessie Reyez as a musician, is presented through her current two EP’s, Kiddo released in 2017 and Being Human In Public, out in Autumn last year. We’re currently pending the release of her debut album, but there’s no doubt that it will be a beast of a creation. Watch this space.



Presenting us with a warm and wholesome energy in the atmosphere of his sound, South London MC Loyle Carner, sails in his own direction as an artist. By pressing play on his music, Carner’s storytelling, poet like qualities, read us through different pages of his life, as we’re welcomed in to listen to the echoes of his memories, feelings and the relationships he has with those close to him. He is an artist who

wears his heart openly on his sleeve and by having the confidence to do so, just increases his appeal. The release of his sophomore album, Not Waving, but Drowning out last month—a follow-up to his debut Yesterday’s Gone back in 2017—brought more of his distinctive features back to the attention of the industry. As we listen to his easy-going flow pace the music in his mellow laid-back manner—we are once again reminded that doing things our own way, is what this life is really all about.