Choosing an instrument is only the beginning of your musical journey.  The next challenge is learning how to play.
 To give you and your family the best start, we’ve teamed up with Rockschool, a leading music examinations board for
rock and pop music.  Selected CASIO instruments include a free downloadable book, full of some of the best pop music
ever written. It's all designed by leading music educators to encourage progress and keep you motivated.
It’s free, it’s a great way to start playing and it’s included with your CDP digital piano. 


Ensuring the right start.  

Everybody deserves the best start in music, which is why CASIO design all their instruments with the player in mind. Features such as weighted keyboards, touch sensitive keys and a high-quality piano tone guarantee that all beginner instruments support the correct musical practices and are built to last. 



Weighted Key Action

For expression and musicality.

Developing a secure and expressive tone is the foundation of a good pianist. CASIO believe that every beginner piano should encourage this important element of piano playing, which is why every model has a touch-sensitive and fully weighted keyboard, facilitating the building of vital finger strength and good technique habits from the very start. 



Lightweight Design
Under 11kg

practical instruments for every day.

Modern living often makes our time and living space precious. For this reason, CASIO ensures that every beginner instrument is lightweight and easy to setup, making sure that there's always time for music.