In our insatiable quest for the ultimate digital piano, we have arrived at a unique moment in our illustrious history and are proud to unveil a range of instruments unrivaled in their authenticity.

Decades of world-class research and development has placed CASIO at the pinnacle of digital instrument manufacture, creating a wide range of innovative products for all musicians. 

Whether, as an advanced pianist, you require the technical excellence of a Celviano Grand Hybrid (designed in collaboration with the prestigious acoustic piano manufacturer, C. Bechstein) or, as an aspiring beginner, your musical journey has only just begun, CASIO seeks to support your musical ambition with an excellent instrument for you to cherish and enjoy.

The jewel in the crown of our piano range is the Celviano Grand Hybrid. The premise behind this instrument was to merge the finest elements of an acoustic pianos' authenticity with the benefits of innovative Casio digital sound technology. The result is a stunning hybrid instrument with a Natural Grand Hammer mechanism, full-length, wooden grand piano keys and an exquisite selection of three world-renowned, meticulously-recorded acoustic grand pianos tones. All these elements are gathered here, for the first time, underneath your fingertips for you to relish...